Python, a script language that is relatively simple and easy to learn. It is more and more popular in programming languages. With the support of powerful communities, Python becomes an ideal language for more and more amateur programmers, especially beginners to get started.

So MicroPython comes, which satisfies the demand of applying Python to MCU(Microcontrollers). MicroPython is originated from Pyhon and ANSI C (C language standard) and obeys Python rules in programming grammar to realize low-level operations in embedded hardware (refers in particular to micro-controllers at here).

uPyCraft is an MicroPython programmable IDE that runs in Windows, simply design and convenient to use. There are many basic libraries were built in uPyCraft IDE itself, providing a practical platform for MicroPython fans.

The principles to edit this tutorial are practical, easy and helpful. There are 5 Chapters at all, the 1st Chapter introduces background, features and basic grammar in MicroPython. The 2nd Chapter is an uPyCraft tutorial. The 3rd Chapter analyzes features and library functions of different function modules that based on ESP32 MicroPython module; the 4th Chapter shows the way to apply function modules with examples in detail. The 5th Chapter shares learning resources (hardware & software) that will be kept updated.

If you are a green finger to MicroPython, please skip the 1st Chapter and open the 2nd Chapter to learn the way to use uPyCraft IDE, then back to the 1st Chapter to learn the basic MicroPython grammars. The best way to learn is to practice, so do not hesitate to practice your coding in UPyCraft IDE during basic grammar study! After you reading though a MicroPython modules guide in the 3rd Chapter, you can use all peripherals freely even you do not know details.

Learning MicroPython with uPyCraft and this document, you can get rid of hardware knowledge barriers. You can start to make projects once you know basic grammar!

All built-in examples in uPyCraft IDE have source codes that has already been tested in develop boards. But easy to burn may make it hard to learn, you would better try programming by yourself. After all, experience is the best teacher.
For the knowledges involved are changing day by day, some mistakes and errors in this document are unavoidable. Please feel free to contact us for any enquires, criticisms and corrections. Welcome to DFRobot Community: uPyCraft

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